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Goober and the peas at Pig and whiskey. #ferndale  (at Pig and Whiskey) View high resolution

Goober and the peas at Pig and whiskey. #ferndale (at Pig and Whiskey)

Why do writers have to break into the comic business? Why can't it be like ever other job. You submit an application of whether you have the skills or not and then the interview. What makes the comicbook industry so special that people have to be picked by the big two to get to write for them. Wouldn't it be more practical and profitable to find experienced and educated people (this is not a knock on you but more on the writers that never held a degree) to writer comics for the big two?


It’s a good question. It’s not just comics… it’s almost any form of entertainment occupation. movies, music, television…

 education never hurt anybody but all people who write the checks care about is how good the finished product is. nobody ever asked me for my diploma.  they read my comics and decided that I should make comics for them.

 the nonstop 10 years I spent making independent comics was my job application.  and whatever my last script that I handed in was is the job application for my next job.

 I know it’s frustrating, but anything worth having is, there is no right or wrong way to make these dreams come true but if you are not working towards your goal every day it’s not going to happen


"I want our family back."

In which I wax nostalgic for the pre-reboot Gothamites and Batfam.

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"My son has died."

Batman #687.

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